Suzuki & AMA Pro Racing


American Suzuki’s still-unannounced plans regarding the 2009 AMA Pro Racing season has some journos publicly pontificating that the company may well be pulling out of the series because of the less-than-stellar finances of its parent company, Suzuki Motor Corp.

I disagree.

If that were the case, wouldn’t we be seeing Japan’s Suzuki Motor Corp. pulling out of other road race series that they take part in around the world?

According to what the OEMs who are expected to take part in the Daytona Motorsports Group-owned series tell me, they 1) don’t understand why DMG wants to make such massive rules changes in its first year of ownership, and 2) don’t understand why DMG doesn’t simply model the series after the FIM rules that are otherwise accepted in most other parts of the globe.

Having a totally unique new set of rules put forth by DMG means that the American-based OEMs (American Suzuki, American Honda, Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA, and Yamaha Motor Corp,. USA) will have to spend mucho dinero in making changes to their existing race ops. Is that fiscally responsible in this time of economic woe?

If changes must be made (and, really, did they have to be?) why wouldn’t DMG change the rules to be in line with the FIM’s rules? If the FIM is the supreme governing body, shouldn’t everyone around the world adhere to its rulebook? Seems to make more sense from a financial perspective. One set-up for multiple nations. Apples to apples. Oranges to oranges.

So, to think that a U.S.-based OEM’s decision to not participate in the DMG’s AMA Pro Racing series is because of the larger parent company’s current financial position is a bit short-sighted and off the mark. The reason isn’t because the parent companies are out of money to go racing, but because they’re acting in a fiscally responsible manner.

Remember: Suzuki is not alone in this debacle. American Honda and Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA haven’t agreed to anything either.


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