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Motorcycling Bad For Your Plumbing?

November 28, 2008

A study recently published in the International Journal of Impotence Research has physicians in Japan claiming they believe a link exists between motorcycling and erectile dysfunction (ED).

The researchers, from Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine in Kyoto and the Matsushita Memorial Hospital in Osaka, say their study included 234 motorcyclists and 752 healthy controls. They found that 161 (69%) of the 234 motorcyclists were diagnosed with ED, and say the prevalence of ED in the motorcycle group increased by age as: 58, 63, 76 and 93%, for motorcyclists in 20–29, 30–39, 40–49 and 50–59 years, respectively.

The researchers say they found there was a significant difference in the prevalence of ED between the motorcycle group and the control group in all age groups. On stepwise logistic regression analysis, motorcycling was the strongest risk factor for ED. Although the researchers say the rate of ED among motorcyclists “was not so severe,” they indicate “motorcycling may be one of the risk factors for ED.”

Let the “crotch rocket” jokes begin.

Ewan McGregor Auctioning Guzzi

November 28, 2008

Ewan McGregor is auctioning off his Moto Guzzi California Vintage for the charity Unicef. Bidding for the bike started Nov. 27 on eBay UK (

The 2006 model with 900 miles on the odometer features a 1064cc air-cooled V-twin engine producing 55hp. Opening at 99p ($1.50), the price shot to £20,100 ($30,588) after 24 hours and 30 bids.

“It’s the first of its kind in this color and one of my favorite bikes,” McGregor says. He says he picked it up from the Moto Guzzi factory in Mandello del Lario, Italy, and rode it back to London.

Bidding for the bike will end Dec. 7. Unicef raises money for projects helping children around the world. The money raised from this auction will go to the Children’s Emergency Fund. McGregor previously raised money for Unicef through his cycling trips Long Way Around and Long Way Down.

McGregor picking up his 2006 California Vintage from the Moto Guzzi factory.

McGregor picking up his 2006 California Vintage from the Moto Guzzi factory.