Moonshine — A Forgotten Profit Center?


Sure all of you dealer principals out there keep a close eye on your various departments, but have you yet considered the jugmoonshinepossibility of MOONSHINE? The Dothan Eagle out of Dothan, Ala., is reporting that the owner of a local motorcycle business was arrested and charged with felony possession of illegal hooch in addition to some OTC booze.

From the story by writer Matt Elofson:

Geneva County Sheriff Greg Ward said deputies arrested Donald Lashley, 34, of Hartford, and seized more than 3 gallons of moonshine, along with what Ward described as case after case of beer and numerous bottles of whiskey. Deputies charged Lashley with felony possession of manufactured alcohol, the moonshine, and misdemeanor violation of the prohibition law for all the beer and whiskey.

Ward said investigators found the illegal alcohol in a room concealed behind a door past the purchase counter inside the business.

Further down in the story, is a quote from an investigator that seems like the real kicker to me. “Over in the corner they had a dance pole with some mirrors,” says Geneva County Sheriff Greg Ward.

Is it possible that regular old customer lounges with TVs and coffee makers just don’t cut it any more?


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