More women. Newer bikes.


More Americans are riding for transportation, not just recreation, and that a greater percentage of women are taking to two-wheeling, preliminary data from the ongoing 2008 Motorcycle Industry Council Owner Survey suggests.

The “census of motorcycling,” last conducted in 2003, is only three-quarters complete and will not be finalized until March. But the survey already is providing indications of trends among customers, their reasons for riding, what they are riding, plus a look at the new demographics of American motorcyclists.

Here are a few more interesting tidbits:

Through the first three quarters of 2008, the survey found that women make up 12.4 percent of riders, up from 9.6 percent in 2003.

Preliminary findings also show that the average age of owners appears to be leveling off. In 1990, it was 32. In 1998, it was 38. In 2003, it was 41. The preliminary number for 2008 is only one year older, at 42.

There’s also an increased consumer preference for newer motorcycles, with the average age of the motorcycle down from a peak of 13.2 years in 1998, to 11.7 years in 2003, and to 10.8 years so far in 2008.

It should be pretty interesting when all the data are released in March. For any dealers reading this, perhaps it might be good to tweak your marketing approach based on these final results. Just an idea.


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One Response to “More women. Newer bikes.”

  1. She Rides Motorcycle Apparel Says:

    I hope this helps encourage more motorcycle and motorcycle apparel manufacturers to give female motorcyclists the recognition they deserve!

    We ride too!

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