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Credit Crisis and the Industry

December 9, 2008

Talked to a North Carolina dealer today who says that compared to last year, the percentage of bikes being financed at his store has gone from seventy-somcredit_ben3ething to twenty-something. This echoes what dealers told me during a month-long investigation. Check out the resultant story to see how dealers are coping with tighter standards and fewer lenders. Used-bike financing is especially scarce, and dealers report stockpiles (meaning values will probably drop). Many dealers are shifting away from revolving credit and toward installment loans. A shift toward more sensible loans may be one of the few benefits of the current situation.

I also wrote a story on the joys and sorrows of working with credit unions. Industry consultants give suggestions on how to approach the unions.

We’ve got fans — In India!

December 9, 2008

‘Cause we bad, we nationwide worldwide.

Turns out we’ve got fan(s) in India. Bunny Punia, an employee at BIKE India picked up on Guido’s recent post about the new KYMCO Quannon and added it to his own blog BHP – More is never enough. If you visit this site be sure to read about his trek from Delhi to Marsimek La, which, based on my knowledge of the geography in that part of the world, is about ONE HELLUVA ride.

So Bunny, we here at Dealernews(blog), where the daily commute is a treacherous ride, salute you.

Looks like it came straight from

Naked Vision (and one clothed)

December 9, 2008

Here’s some more stuff from out at the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show this weekend. I thought this was really interesting. I’ve seen a Victory Vision sans bodywork before but really dug seeing it again. Just being able to see the chassis, gas tanks, etc. go a long way toward explaining the final finish of the bike. I can’t count how many times people have commented on the radical design of the Vision while asking “Why?”

A Nake Vision

A Naked Vision

And one fully clothed

And one fully clothed

This usually precedes a discussion that goes one of two ways: That’s the ugliest bike I’ve ever seen on God’s green earth or Man, if/when I get a touring bike that’s the one I’m gonna get. Victory knew this when it designed the bike, in fact the company’s head honcho Mark Blackwell told me Victory set out to polarize the public with the Vision. Read it here. It knew it had to shake things up.

I was once riding one of these (the blue one) down to San Diego. I stopped at a rest stop and decided to take some pics. While shooting a guy came over, started chatting and then after confirming that I wasn’t the owner or a Victory employee decided to tell me how horrible, ugly and freakish he thought the Visions were. The whole time I was thinking, really, I actually like them.

Oh well, there’s a style for every taste.