Yes, We Do Get Weather in So Cal.


If you’re not from Southern California, you know you’ve found yourself smugly giggling when we start complaining about any kind of weather. Well, I’m here to say you’re right, we do complain about rain, snow, cold, whatever. At least I do. The main reason I live in So Cal is to avoid rain, snow, cold and whatever. So this week’s share of steady rain and 40-degree cold has been quietly tolerated.

With that said, our friend Andy up at Big Bear Choppers sent us this up-to-the-minute pic of BBC headquarters way up in the heights of the San Bernardino Mountains.


We love BBC, but don’t think those are the optimum riding conditions for a Pro-Street Sled. Maybe if you attach a snowboard to the forks, that 300mm rear would act like a tread.

Here’s a profile we did of them in the August 2007 issue of Big Twin Dealer (RIP).

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One Response to “Yes, We Do Get Weather in So Cal.”

  1. andy Says:

    dennis will be doing the first exclusive test ride on BBC’s first ever Sled ProSnow.

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