KTM, Yamaha Continue Dakar Domination


Spain’s Marc Coma keeping his KTM steady through a stream / Chaco

The fourth day of riding is over for the motorcycle and ATV competitors still taking part in the 15-day, 5,902-mile Dakar Rally in Argentina and Chile.

STAGE 3, Monday, Jan. 6
Monday’s course led the competitors from Puerto Madryn to Jacobacci along an 89-mile connection and a 342-mile special stage.

Spanish motorcyclist Marc Coma (KTM) easily won this 3rd stage, 17min49 ahead of his teammate and countryman Jordi Viladoms (KTM) and Norway’s Pal-Anders Ullevalseter (KTM), both tying in 2nd place. The third fastest time of the stage goes to France’s David Casteu (KTM) checking in 18min16 behind the winner. Coma now has a 39min11 lead over Frenchman David Frétigné (Yamaha) and a 41min14 lead over Dutchman Frans Verhoeven (KTM).

In the ATV portion of the rally, Czech rider Josef Machacek (Yamaha) won this third stage 1min47 ahead of France’s Christophe Declerck (Yamaha), winner of the first two special stages and 10min55 ahead of Spain’s Joan Manuel Gonzalez (Yamaha). In the overall rankings, Christophe Declerck nevertheless remains the firm leader of the rally raid with a 30min37 lead over the day’s winner and 45min45 over Spain’s Gonzalez.

STAGE 4, Tuesday, Jan. 7
Tuesday’s course included an 18-mile connection and 285-mile special stage between Jacobacci and Neuquen.

Spaniard Marc Coma (KTM) finished this fourth day 1min17 ahead of Frenchman Cyril Despres (KTM), who rode an excellent race having started in 48th place this morning. Third place went to American Jonah Street (KTM). As a result, in the general standings, Coma now has a lead of 42min57 over Street, the new 2nd place rider, and 43min42 over Frenchman David Frétigné (Yamaha), placed 3rd.

Spain's Joan Manuel Gonzalez atop his Yamaha quad / Reuters

Spain's Joan Manuel Gonzalez atop his Yamaha quad / Reuters

In quads, Spaniard Joan Manuel Gonzalez (Yamaha) won the 4th stage – his first success at the Dakar – 16min18 ahead of France’s Christophe Declerck (Yamaha) and 18min59 in front of Frenchman Eric Carlini (Polaris). In the general standings, Christophe Declerck still holds a solid lead, 31min27 ahead of the day’s winner, Gonzalez, the new 2nd place rider, and 49min34 in front of Czech Josef Machacek (Yamaha).


1. Coma (ESP)…KTM…14hr41min21
2. Street (USA)…KTM…+42min57
3. Fretigne (FRA)…Yamaha…+43min42
4. Viladoms (ESP)…KTM…+55min57
5. Ullevalseter (NOR)…KTM…+58min29
6. Knuiman (NLD)…KTM…+1hr09min01
7. Czachor (POL)…KTM…+1hr14min51
8. Rodrigues (PRT)…KTM…+1hr23min04
9. Verhoeven (NLD)…KTM…+1hr33min53
10. Vinters (LVA)…KTM…+1hr36min59

1. Declerck (FRA)…Yamaha…19hr14min51
2. Gonzalez (ESP)…Yamaha…+31min27
3. Machacek (CZE)…Yamaha…+49min34
4. Sonik (POL)…Yamaha…+1hr32min50
5. Carlini (FRA)…Polaris…+2hr20min41
6. Patronelli (ARG)…Can-Am…+2hr40min26
7. Kraft (FRA)…Polaris…+3hr17min19
8. Pottier (FRA)…Can-Am…+3hr37min31
9. Avendano (ESP)…Suzuki…+4hr10min42
10. Brazina (CZE)…Yamaha…+4hr28min17

So far, after four days, 35 motorcyclists and one ATV have withdrawn from the rally.

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