Victory’s Super-Secret Concept Bike is …


Admittedly, I’m a huge fan of Victory Motorcycles. Not only do I dig the motorcycles the company builds, I like that it is one of the more forward-thinking OEMs out there. For goodness sake, the Victory crew came up with the Vision.

Now the born-from-snowmobiles company is ready to spring something new upon the waiting public Friday Jan. 16, at the New York City stop of the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show. At 2:30 p.m. New York time (that’s 11:30 p.m. for you left coasters) Victory will unveil the CORE concept motorcycle. At this point, the only picture I’ve been able to find for this appears here so I thought I’d post it here:


It looks like the Victory Design Team is channeling H.R. Giger.

The following is from the IMS site and is almost certainly channeled directly from a Victory press release:

Created by the Victory Motorcycles design staff, CORE is a reduction of the motorcycle to its most pure form using some of the latest production technology. Join the staff of Victory Motorcycles in the Victory display as they host the first public reveal and discuss the CORE concept motorcycle.

Hit us back up on Friday Jan. 16 at 11: 30 a.m. WEST COAST time (because we prefer thinking in our own time zone) to see pics of the CORE — as long as Pandya receives the bribe I sent him in exchange for the TOP SECRET pics.

(disclaimer for the literal: OK, it was an embargo agreement, not a bribe.)

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One Response to “Victory’s Super-Secret Concept Bike is …”

  1. The Boeing Guy Says:

    Having sold and serviced motorcycles for a time, I was surprised to learn that despite high build quality, good engineering and its standing as the 2nd “real” American Motorcycle manufacturer; Victory’s motorcycles tend to have a lower resale value than metric brands or Harley Davidson.
    Having said that: I certainly hope Victory isn’t betting the “farm” on their new “Vision” tourer to ramp-up their sales? That new machine has got to be the ugliest abomination out there! What were they thinking? The lines are “Rubensesque” to the extreme and resembe something akin to an oversized Vespa motorscooter having been mated to a middle 60’s Dodge Polara? Acres of plastic and oversized saddle bags that are disquised glove boxes more than a place to carry outsized items~Not!
    If “form follows function” then Polaris/Victory better go back to the drawing board and give it another “go”. This thing simply isn’t going to appeal to the numbers they had expected. The basic KINGPIN, valenced fenders and all is a much tastier piece with better lines and visual appeal.
    Now if they could only make their tachometer & another front wheel disc brake standard on this machine, I’d be interested.

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