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Economy Has Yamaha Cutting Costs

January 19, 2009

Takashi Kajikawa, president and CEO, Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd., says the company is going forwardyamahalogo with several cost-cutting initiatives in an effort to streamline its corporate structure and maximize profits to combat the current economic climate.

“The economic crisis grew beyond anything we could have anticipated, compelling us to revise our business plan,” Kajikawa says. “Like so many companies hit hard by the economic nosedive, we are now challenged to maximize our core capabilities just to survive.”

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Myrtle Beach is NOT DEAD

January 19, 2009

It only smells like it within the city limits. We may have been a bit rash in declaring the area dead to the historic May rallies. If you’ve paid attention to the comments for our blog post here you might know that there are several options outside the MB city limits. The comments over at the Cyril Huze Blog show the same.


In fact, Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson wants you all to know that the rest of Horry County (where MB is located) is wide open and welcoming to bikers. From Murrells Inlet to Little River, there are options, activities and places to hang out.

“Many tourists wrongly believe that Myrtle Beach is synonymous with the 60-mile-long ‘Grand Strand’ that is visited by more than 14 million tourists annually,” said Mike Shank, marketing director for Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson. “In reality, the City of Myrtle Beach is just a small town inside of Horry County. It only has 25,000 residents. To the north, south and west of Myrtle Beach is the much-larger Grand Strand community where there are many restaurants, bars, recreational facilities and accommodations. Horry County has more than 250,000 residents and they are preparing their businesses to welcome bikers.
“Unfortunately, information being sent out by Myrtle Beach and its Chamber of Commerce paints good, law-abiding motorcycle riders with the same broad brush as those who have broken laws in the past. In addition, their misinformation does not accurately portray the views of Horry County residents. The majority of people and businesses look forward to biker tourism and many rely on Bike Week to provide a significant portion of their yearly income.”

If you’re headed to South Carolina May 8-17 go to Myrtle Beach Harley’s Web site here or to this site about MB Bike Week here to get the skinny. The sites spell out the difference between Horry County and the city of Myrtle Beach and includes maps of alternative routes to avoid the city limits.

“We want bikers to know the facts so they can make an informed decision about visiting our area,” adds Shank. “Grand Strand businesses want your business. The City of Myrtle Beach has never played a significant role in either the spring or fall bike weeks and has made it clear for many years that it doesn’t want to play a role. They’ve raised taxes to eliminate biker tourism, but no other municipality in Horry County has done so. And the City of Myrtle Beach passed new ordinances designed to scare bikers away. No other local municipality or the county has done so. So we hope that bikers won’t be discouraged by this campaign of misinformation. We want you to come to Horry County and have a great time this May.”

You’ve got to love the biker spirit.

Honda Begins New Online Marketing Effort

January 19, 2009

Honda has launched a new marketing campaign that uses an interactive strategy and short “documentary” films contained within a multi-layered Web site.

The Web site destination,, showcases Honda’s “Dream the Impossible Documentary Series.”  Three short films (about 6- 8 minutes in length) debuted with the campaign launch Jan. 12; additional films will be added every few months. Two of the films discuss core values that have inspired generations of Honda associates by telling the stories of impossible engineering challenges and exploring where failure brought Honda and what success came of it. The third film explores the future of mobility.

The company plans to use online media to generate awareness for the campaign, drive traffic to the new site and help create consumer buzz. Spots (:30 and :15 spots using footage from the films) will run during television shows broadcast online on,, and Unique page takeovers, roadblocks and pre-roll placements will launch late January through early February on Wired, Gawker Network, Discovery Channel, Time, Yahoo! and CNN.

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