‘Clean’ Cycles Prepping for Isle of Man TTXGP


History will be made on June 12 when the Isle of Man hosts the TTXGP – a time trial competition open only to two-wheelers powered by clean emissions technologies.
Concocted by British entrepreneur Azhar Hussain, the TTXGP (Time Trials Xtreme Grand Prix) is scheduled to be held on the legendary Isle of Man Mountain Course, a 37.733-mile circuit with over 200 corners, following the traditional Isle of Man TT.

Hussain says the event offers an opportunity for leading global innovators in racing and clean emission technologies to compete and prove to the world that being green does not mean being slow. The planned TTXGP will showcase a diverse range of vehicles capable of reaching race speeds. Racing teams are likely to be backed by international corporations, universities and high tech institutions, all eager to prove their credentials in clean emission transportation.

“TTXGP is about competitive innovation – pushing the frontier and making the next leap,” Hussain says.

Not only an event for well-funded corporations, the TTXGP also will offer an “Open” class race for innovative cottage teams who are interested in experimenting with alternative energy sources. These teams will be required to build their vehicle to a set budget using off-the-shelf power sources only. However, all riders must hold an ACU Road Rally License or equivalent issued by an FIM affiliate. As a result, teams have been advised to find current and past TT riders who want to take part in TTXGP.

Closing date for entries is March 31. The June 12 race day will be preceded by practice sessions on June 8 and June 10.


Hussain and his TTX01

Hussain and his TTX01

While Hussain, co-founder of Mavizen, a maker of iPod and gaming accessories, won’t be taking part in the race, he will be displaying a prototype he hopes will become the first mass-produced electric-powered sportbike – the TTX01.

The 360-pound TTX01 is based on a 2000 Suzuki GSX-R750 but outfitted with a battery pack of lithium–ion phosphate cells that powers a pair of air-cooled Agni Lynch electric motors. The motors develop continuous output of 20 kilowatts (about 27hp).

Hussain claims the TTX01 in its current gearing will accelerate from zero to 62mph in 3.8 seconds and hit 110mph, but says he would like the bike to eventually go from zero to 62 mph in under three seconds and achieve a top speed of 140-150mph.

The current set-up offers a range of 20 to 40 miles – or about 30 miles at 100 mph – but Hussain told Wired he is working on a system that will require less than 15 seconds to replace a dead battery pack with a fresh one. He also is contemplating a two-wheel-drive set-up, regenerative braking, belt drive, a two-speed transmission, and an open-source vehicle-management system.

Hussain told Wired he hopes to begin selling the TTX01 next year for about $30,000.

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