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Dealer Expo is Coming — Feedback Please

January 29, 2009

The 2009 Dealernews International Dealer Expo in Indianapolis is just around the corner and we here at DN are gearing up for what is a whizz-bang, muscle-burning, feet-torturing, head-spinning four days of schmoozing,dealer-expo interviewing, info-gathering, eating, drinking, sometimes-sleeping, always-working, coffee-and-Red-Bull-guzzling fun. Dealer Expo takes place Feb. 13-16.

While we’re going to be reporting live for the Web site and for our Show Dailies, we’ll also be blogging the newsy and not-s0-newsy bits and pieces throughout the weekend.

If you’re one of our four regular readers of the DealernewsBlog, I’d be interested in knowing if you’ll be checking in on a regular basis to get the latest and greatest about Dealer Expo.

I’d love to get your comments on this via the comments section of this blog posting or by emailing me at dennis.johnson @ I appreciate any and all feedback (even the smart alecky stuff) that you leave.