Congress Should Fix the CPSIA


Wall Street Journal Calls For Changes.

Republicans Seek White House Support.

Congress swept up all children’s products – including youth ATVs and off-highway vehicles – in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act last year, and then shoved the ill-conceived package— most notably because of the lead content provisions, which were intended to address lead in small toys and jewelry— onto the CPSC last fall for implementation.

Perhaps it’s time for the boys and girls on the Hill to amend the law before the prohibition on the sale of kid’s quads goes into effect next Tuesday.

It would be a relatively simple fix, even though there are plenty of other issues for Congress to deal with. It’s just a matter of amending the effective date of implementation— a one-line change.

It actually might happen. Today, four leading Republicans wrote to President Obama requesting his support for “quick legislative action to correct several deficiencies related to effective dates and agency discretion in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).”

Implementation of the CPSIA Tuesday “has the very real potential to cause job losses and wreak economic havoc on thousands of small businesses if they cannot sell their products,” the Republicans write.

I certainly agree with the Wall Street Journal, which today urged Congress to move on this issue before Tuesday. What do you think?

Calling the CPSIA Congress’ “awful handiwork,” the WSJ said, “the least the Members (of Congress) can do is take a moment to adjust the lead law to prevent avoidable and real damage to thousands of businesses.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who played a key role pushing the legislation, now could lead the effort to fix what the Journal called a “fiasco.”

There certainly is support for halting what the newspaper referred to as National Bankruptcy Day. On Jan. 28, nearly 70 national and regional retailing and manufacturing groups, including the Motorcycle Industry Council, sent a letter to the CPSC urging it to postpone delay the Feb. 10, 2009, implementation date.

You can express your opposition to this law by sending the CPSC an email message at  To view other comments about the issue, go to and click on PUBLIC COMMENT.

For more information, contact the MIC at 949.727.4211 X3045 and ask for Carole Iannello.

If you don’t make your feelings known on this subject, you could be sitting with lots of kid’s units next Tuesday.  JD

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