Blogging Dealer Expo: Stay Tuned!


We all at DealernewsBlog are getting ready to head out to Indy for the World and Locallydealer-expo Famous Dealer Expo. If you’re not going to be there, (And why wouldn’t you be there?) but still want to know what’s going on, visit the DealernewsBlog and sites early and often for the latest, greatest and sometimes strangest stuff the powersports world has to offer.

For example did you read the latest info about more than 100 exhibitors changing locations? If not, go here to find out what’s happening.

If you are going to be in Indy, see you there. And each day look outside your hotel room or around the show floor for our latest Dealer Expo Show Dailies. These daily newspapers will come flying off the presses fresh each night with up-to-the-minute (give or take a few) highlights of the show. We’ll be roaming the floor, covering the meetings, getting the scoop, taking pics, scratching out notes and wearing out shoe leather to cover Dealer Expo from the inside out.

We’ll have “newsrooms” in the second floor of the Indiana Convention Center and in the Lucas Oil Stadium where press info and other related materials can be dropped off. If you want to contact any of us editor types, drop a note at the Dealernews booth just outside the main hall in the convention center.

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