Rey Sotelo Makes Federal Court Appearance


Former Indian CEO Charged with Conspiracy

Former Indian Motorcycle Corporation CEO Rey Sotelo appeared in federal court Monday for allegedly conspiring with a central California shop to ship a stolen motorcycle to Sweden.

Sotelo was arrested July 15, charged with conspiracy for allegedly helping to counterfeit the bike’s official papers along with men associated with the Road Dog Cycle in Denair, Calif.

Federal prosecutors have used a grand jury’s findings to indict a total of 11 men, including five with law enforcement connections. Chief among those charged are Robert Holloway, 61, a retired Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputy; and his son, Brent Holloway, 36, of Modesto. The two men ran Road Dog Cycle and face racketeering and conspiracy charges for allegedly trafficking stolen parts, loan-sharking and doing business with outlaw motorcycle clubs such as the Hell’s Angels.

Sotelo has yet to enter a plea, but has told the The Gilroy Dispatch he is innocent and had no idea the motorcycle shop was trying to illegally export a stolen Harley-Davidson to Scandinavia.

Sotelo’s Gilroy-based California Motorcycle Company was purchased by Indian Motorcycle Corporation in 1999. Sotelo joined IMC’s management team to assist with product development and became CEO. He retired from the business six years ago.

On Monday the judge continued the hearing until May 26. Read the entire story by visiting The Gilroy Dispatch.

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