Lowdown on the NCMDA Update: Dealer Expo


As was mentioned in an earlier post, now is the time for all powersports dealers to either join their state dealer associations or, if they already belong, start beefing up the organization.

With the recession running full tilt, the threat coming from CPSC regulations (here and here als0), the weakening or loss of state franchise laws, and the ongoing head butting with OEMs, dealers need strength in numbers, says Ed Lemco, executive director of the National Council of Motorcycle Dealer Associations (NCMDA for those who love unwieldy acronyms).

Lemco chaired a meeting of the group here in Indy during Dealer Expo with dealer association muckety-mucks or dealer principals from all over the country.The AMA was also present, apparently in a move to renew bonds between the motorcycle org and dealers. According to Lemco, back in 1986 a dealer division was nearly established within the AMA, but it ended up falling through.

But the main thrust is that only about 20 percent of the country’s dealerships belong to their state associations and this is not a good thing. Lemco even quoted Harley-Davidson as telling him, “In our economy we need strong state associations.” This is something he’s been waiting about 40 years to hear from the Motor Co., Lemco jokes.

Arlo Redwine will be covering this issue in more detail in Saturday’s Show Daily and on Dealernews.com, but here are a couple of the points covered:

• Many states have very weak franchise laws, and other don’t have any franchise laws at all.

• Only a handful of state associations are really active in promoting the concerns of its members.

• Associations from California and Wisconsin are running up against resistance from the MIC and SVIA with some legislation related to wholesale ordering. 

• Lemco strongly suggests that dealers hire professional management to run their state association. It’s a full-time job that would tax an active dealer principal.

Without being exhaustive about who attended (which I will be), they were:

  • Jim Boltz, Wash. state dealer association manager and Cycle Barn impresario
  • Mike Marks, Texas association manager
  • John Paliwoda, Calif. association manager
  • Roy Nowakowski, Calif. association manager
  • Charley Finley, Virginia and Maryland association manager
  • Scott Kuhns, New Mexico association manager
  • Tommra Kiesow, Illinois association manager  
  • Lea Benson, Arizona association manager
  • David Martinez, Georgia association manager
  • Mike Gill, owner of Mike’s Cycle World in Glasgow, Kentucky
  • Bill Hearne, owner of Outdoor Motorsports in Spearfish, S.D.
  • Jerry Abboud, Colorado
  • Ed Lemco
  • Karen Rasmussen (with Lemco)
  • Duane Dreyer, owner of Dreyer’s Motorsports in Indiana
  • Randy Floyd, Oklahoma association manager and owner Shawnee Honda
  • Mike Long from Zurich Financial Services
  • Scott Britt, owner of Britt Motorsports in North Carolina
  • Lee Van Zeeland, Wisconsin dealer principal
  • Bob Thompson
  • Bob Ski, New York association manager

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