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Missouri Legislator Organizes Email Flood

February 19, 2009

Website Generates 53,000 Emails to CPSC

MIC Delivers 4,400 Letters to Agency

Sen. Klobuchar Questions CPSC’s Lack of Action

Tom Self is the parent of two young motocross riders and he’s unhappy about the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) that was signed by President Bush last August. The law bans the sale of ATVs and dirt bikes designed primarily for youths ages 12 and under as of Feb. 10, if the machines contain excessive amounts of lead.

Unfortunately, most youth machines are affected by the law because lead is used in batteries and many alloys such as copper, steel and aluminum contained in valve stems, engine components and vehicle frames.

The law also limits the use of formaldehyde in apparel and phthalates, a chemical used to add flexibility in many plastic products.


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February 19, 2009


We West Coast DealernewsBloggers will be taking a short break from posting while we move into our new offices. Our Mid Western outpost will like keep the posts flowing fast and freaky so come back for updates on the CPSC/Lead fiasco and other industry updates.

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