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Strokers Smokers — Dallas Dealer Takes a Drag

April 2, 2009

OK, there have likely been stranger dealership promos, but as for today, this one from Rick Fairless Strokers Dallas nearly caused me to cough up a lung.

strokerssmokersWhile smoking in restaurants has been outlawed in Dallas since 2003, it’s been a hacker’s delight inside of bars. Now, that’s all coming to an end. As of April 10, the city goes smoke-free inside of bars.

To celebrate the end of an era Rick and the Strokers crew are holding the “Smoke ‘Em if You’ve Got ‘Em” event on April 9. While not a smoker himself, Fairless says he wants to invite people in to smoke ’em, one after another, until they close. “We’re going to send it out in style,” Fairless says, adding that he doesn’t think the ban will affect Strokers much given so much of it is outdoors.

Check that flyer: That’s Rick’s mom back when she was in her late 30s (he thinks).

KTM 450 Beats Citroën C4 WRC in Hillclimb

April 2, 2009

British TV show Fifth Gear first showed that a Ducati 999 was a tick quicker than a Lamborghini Gallardo around a track, and now ten time world motocross champion Stefan Everts, riding a KTM 450, beat five-time rally champion Sébastien Loeb and his Citroën C4 WRC car up the Geraardsbergen Wall in Belgium.

OK, so Everts was only one tenth of a second ahead – traversing a slippery cobblestone-laden street to reach the top of the hill in 49:07 seconds compared to 49:17 for Loeb.

Still, what started as an innocent competition (a gentleman’s bet, if you will) between two top athletes turned into an exceptional duel. It was Everts who challenged Loeb a few weeks ago. Then the marketing wizkids at Red Bull turned it into an event, the Red Bull Motorclash.

The loser of the duel had to do some labor: clean the vehicle of his opponent. Loeb put up no resistance at all to carrying out his assignment and showed no sign of disappointment afterwards: “I thought this duel was a tremendous idea and I have no problems with Stefan winning it,” he said. “The difference is so small, it could have gone either way.”

Vehicles are not usually allowed on the Wall, but with the permission and co-operation of the town of Geraardsbergen and the police, everything ran seamlessly and safely.

Check out the video HERE


Scooting Through the Snow with the SKS

April 2, 2009

OK, winter is over and scooterists in Snowbelt states are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to climb aboard their two-wheelers. But using this contraption, the SKS, there’s no need to winterize your bike. In fact, you may be looking forward to snowfall.slidescooters11

Patented by Italian firm G. Elementi and distributed by Riminimoto, the SKS (an acronym for Snow Kit Solution) can turn your scooter into a snow scoot via the use of an easy-to-attach front ski and low pressure rear tire with crampons.

The kit’s available for select Aprilia, Honda, Hyosung, KYMCO, PGO, Piaggio, SYM and Yamaha models sold in the U.S.

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