Jesse James is … a TV Star


Sure enough, I have a friend who has gone 7-odd seconds in the quarter mile on a bike, and I have friends who’ve rode in a temperature of -50 degrees, and I have a friend who has jumped a structure with a monster truck, and I have friends who have figure-eight raced, and I even have a friend who has been on fire. But, only one of my friends – a Facebook friend – has done it all: Jesse James.
Jesse James’ “ Jesse James Is A Dead Man” is entertaining as a lesson in odds and a flirtation with mortality.

Entertaining? Yes. Should it be more than that? No. It’s a stunt show.

Remember how many people stopped their lives to watch Evil Knievel jump the Snake River? You don’t? Talk with someone older than 35 years of age. Why did they watch it? For the excitement. The spectacle of doom.

Even so, nowadays, while all the stunts are prepped for safety, we continue to watch, for the possibility of catastrophe. Of course there’s no way in hell Spike TV or Jesse James’ dependents are going to allow his demise to be televised, and it’s obvious to any powersport enthusiast with a pulse who watches or listens to, or who frequents websites, that Mr. James is not dead.

Yet people watch.

You can, too, 9 p.m. CST, Sunday, on Spike TV.

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