Tomberlin Launches Anvil Electric Vehicle


Promotes Anvil on CBS Early Show Today

Mike Tomberlin, the fellow I featured in my column in the July 2009 issue of Dealernews magazine, went public this morning on the CBS News Early Show promoting his latest electric vehicle, the aggressively styled Anvil. You can see the video clip here.

ANVIL-PathwayBurgundyTomberlin is CEO of the Tomberlin Group, a diversified manufacturing and distribution company based in Augusta, GA. Tomberlin also produces an elecctric on-road vehicle, dubbed the e-Merge, that is basically a modified golf cart.

In a related “green” move, Tomberlin recently purchased the Schwinn scooter business from Dorel Industries of Montreal. You can find out more about the Tomberlin Group here.

The Anvil can hit 25 mph on highways with speed limits of 35 mph, and it can go at least 30 miles on a charge, Tomberlin said on the show. The rangecan be extended with its on-board 110 volt battery charger. The Anvil uses a 72 volt system powered by six 12 volt batteries.

The Anvil can seat four persons, but the rear seat looks odd, and somewhat uninviting, without any doors.

The Anvil is in production now and will be available in the U.S. later this year at dealers across the country, Tomberlin said. Starting price is $16,000 but plenty of options will be available, Tomberlin told Early Show host Dave Price.

Tomberlin tossed out several interesting statistics in support of his newest low speed vehicle (LSV).  Here are two:

  • 68% of the roads in America have speed limits of 35 mph.
  • 15 billion miles are driven by Americans within seven miles of their homes.

The Anvil is designed for close-in commuting, Tomberlin said, and is targeted at those short-ride commuters who are driving close to home.

While LSVs could have potential beyond the gated golf communities in the South and Southwest, where most of them are now sold, Tomberlin called on Washington to produce enabling legislation that would expand their range and use. He didn’t offer any details regarding this legislation on the show, however.

Tomberlin’s Early Show appearance is the first in a series of many media meetings across the country. Visits are also scheduled with CNN and Bloomberg, he told me.

You can learn more about the Anvil by visiting the website at or by clicking  hereJD

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