Corazzo’s E-mail Newsletter — Great Stuff


I get a couple of e-mail newsletters and one of the best comes from Corazzo, the company that designs and

corazzomanufacturers riding gear aimed at the scootering crowds. I’ve been a big fan of Corazzo since seeing them at Dealer Expo a few years back. As a longtime scooter nut I was stoked to see that founder and president Bradford Duval the GLARING dearth of products that would appeal to the scooter niche — a very niche-y niche at that.


For some reason known only to them, some scooter riders feel perfectly OK riding around in shorts and T-shirts and sometimes flip-flops. Being a Safety Geek, I always want to let them know that the lowside they might take in some gravel sure ain’t gonna feel too good on bare legs/arms/etc. But I’m not an obnoxious Safety Geek so I just shake my head paternally and tsk, tsk them under my breath. Well, Bradford is seeing to it that scooterists hit the road in stylish — and armored — riding gear. And, in an industry where the concept is foreign, Corazzo designs and manufactures its stuff in North America (California, Oregon and Canada) and sources materials from U.S.-based companies when possible.


So back to the newsletter, the Corazzo missive is everything most e-mail is not — engaging, entertaining, easy on the eyes and educational (Yay for e words!). One highlight of the most recent alert is the testimonial of a rider who was wearing the Speedway jacket when a tire on his Lambretta Li 150 blew out. It begins like this “Your jacket saved my bacon last night,” and, after telling the harrowing tale of taking a dive, ends with “See the thing is that my wife and I are taking our kids to France today for our family vacation and if I came home injured my wife would have killed me.” That’s good stuff.


It also features links to Corazzo dealers, some info on finding the company on Twitter and Facebook, a pictorial on cleaning a filthy jacket with a product the company stocks, some product info and — this is essential to the scooter market — a listing of rallys sponsored by Corazzo. (Rallys are as much a part of the scooter scene as they are the Harley scene.) 


If you’re not already getting the Corazzo newsletter, sign up. It could give you some ideas if you’re considering launching your own.


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