Joe Rocket’s Fly-by (photo) Shooting


Let’s title this series of pics sent over by  Steve Blakeney, the marketing director over at Sullivans/Joe Rocket, something like “Almost Suffering for the Shot” or maybe “Getting Buzzed (by Mark T. Miller)”.

These are for an ad campaign Blakeney was putting together. The series shows former AMA Formula Xtreme rider Miller bearing down on Blakeney six or eight times so Blakeney could get the same shot with Miller in different gear. I love stuff like this. 


Comin' atcha.
Comin’ atcha.




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2 Responses to “Joe Rocket’s Fly-by (photo) Shooting”

  1. Bob Says:

    Wow ! Simple , but very effective. You can almost feel the ride slide bye !! It’s what your eye would see at that moment, leaving that impression. Just missing the sweat drops & the heart vibe , of the joy ride.

  2. Steve B Says:

    Great canyon road, perfect day, camera, and A LOT of trust!

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