Good Stuff at Roland Sands Design


I’m pretty much a sucker for most everything that come out of Roland Sands Design. The RSD aesthetic nails me on somewhat of a cellular level much like that from any great designer — whether it be furniture, architecture, can openers, bathtub plugs or motorcycles. If it were up to me, even the most mundane object would be of interesting design. (Why should we have to surround ourselves with boring things?)

But the bikes and parts produced by RSD are anything but mundane. Even RSD’s ad campaign featuring Estevan Oriol photographs of Justene Jaro and Rachel Sterling are  stunning. But I didn’t post this blog as another personal lathering of RSD, in fact I think I just officially went on a Tangent.

No, what I’m interested in is RSD’s new Blog It program. Enclosed in each RSD product package is a postcard that lets customers know if they take a picture or shoot video of their RSD-adorned machine, post it to any of the popular social networking websites and send a link of the site to RSD, the company will send them a limited edition T-shirt. Then, the company will pick the best pic or video and feature it on the official Roland Sands blog (like it did here). The RSD crew will also award a $100 gift certificate to the one of the first five customers to get 10,000 hits on their video.


Blog It and get one of these shirts.

This is some great social network marketing, without being an icky marketing program and by icky marketing program I mean those Facebook updates and blog posts that feel less like they’re directed at your eyeballs than they are at your wallet. In my view social network marketing is a feather meant to tickle your customer’s interest rather than a hammer designed to wallop them into submission.


Check out what RSD is doing and steal borrow some ideas. They’re not the only ones, just the ones that come to mind.



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3 Responses to “Good Stuff at Roland Sands Design”

  1. Beachcrusier Says:

    Curious about Roland’s relationship with victory. We understand he will be designing bikes for them ala the Ness’s. Would like to get some detail on whether this is true and when we might expect to see something with Victory’s name on it.

  2. RSD Says:

    So far Roland has designed and built 2 concept bikes for Victory. First was a 2008 Victory 8-ball dubbed “Capone” and this year was a 2010 Hammer 8-ball named “Hammerhead”. Both bikes were built to gauge interest in design and see where things go. The main focus was to design bolt-on parts to convert a stock Victory into a Capone or Hammerhead. There are no solid plans for bikes or parts to be made but RSD is still working closely with Victory and we will see what the future brings.
    Cameron Brewer – RSD

  3. Todd Rutledge Says:

    I want to put the vintage bars like on the Capone on my 8 ball where can I order some to fit!?

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