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Backstage look at FMF: A cool little video with Don Emler for the Take 20 program

December 7, 2009

We first reported on FMF‘s new Take 20 Savings Program in our coverage of the LeMans Corp. 2009 Holiday Showcase. This is the program that runs through March 31, 2010 designed to increase dealership floor traffic and help move exhaust systems. For the campaign, FMF is reducing the suggested retail price of all of its street and off-road 4-stroke exhausts by 20 percent.

In this video, we get to spend a little time with Don Emler and hear some history about the famed exhaust manufacturer. It’s good stuff and a pretty darn good piece of marketing. 

Backflip on an XR1200? Let’s See This Done on a Road King.

December 7, 2009

Because we’ll never have video of me flipping anything but the bird, here’s a link to Australia’s Kain Saul backflipping an XR1200. Saul makes it so smooth and buttery looking, I may just try this in the backyard on my Thruxton. Now that I see this is out and about, there’s also news that American Chuck Carothers pulled off this same trick a day later in Prague. Really nice work.