CFMOTO Offers New Z6 600cc EFI Rec UTV


News From 2010 International Dealer Expo

INDIANAPOLIS, IN. (Feb. 13, 2010)—CFMOTO reduced its Dealer Expo commitment this year but that doesn’t mean it’s backing off its marketing efforts. The Minneapolis company is introducing two EFI products at the Expo— a hot 600cc recreational UTV and a 250cc scooter—, it’s offering 30% show special discounts on 2009 scooters and motorcycles, and it’s planning to increase its dealer network by 75 dealers, a jump of nearly 40% this year.

The company ran a large 60 x 70 foot booth in a premium spot in Lucas Oil Stadium and augmented it with advertising and promotion efforts throughout last year’s show. It was a huge—and very successful— push by a small, relatively unknown company. But this year is different: a 30 x 40 foot booth (#2201) and limited promotions.

CFMOTO sports its UTV lineup, led by its new 600cc EFI Z6. It also shows off its new JetMax 250cc EFI scooter.

“Last year was definitely worth the expense,” says Lev Mirman, president of CFMOTO Powersports, Inc. “The show was absolutely great for us. If it weren’t for the economy… We’re just basically saving money and downsizing because this recession isn’t over.”

CFMOTO has a lower profile at Dealer Expo this year, but it new Z6 sport UTV and its Jetmax scooter are worth a look.

The Z6 bears a striking resemblance to the very hot Polaris RZR, but it sells for a lot less— MSRP is $7,999. “However, dealers will be able to give discounts off MSRP,” says Mirman. “Pricing includes significant margin so they can entice customers with a lower price or accessories. That’s up to the dealer.”

Mirman said units will be available in dealerships May 1. The initial shipment will be 200 units. “We’ll check response; the factory is ready to ship a lot of units, but they’re being very careful.” The Z6 power plant has been in development for more than three years, so the bugs have been worked out, he says.

The JetMax was showed here last year as a carbureted version but that model wasn’t brought to market. The EFI version has an MSRP of $3,999 and will be available in April.

CFMOTO has about 200 dealers, some 140 of whom are active. Mirman plans to add 75 dealers this year, mostly in areas west of Colorado, including Hawaii and Alaska. Ivan Escalante ( is responsible for signing up western dealers.  JD

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6 Responses to “CFMOTO Offers New Z6 600cc EFI Rec UTV”

  1. lenny lee Says:

    Any dealers in Honolulu?

  2. Jerry Harten Says:

    Very nice machine.Could use fender flairs and windshield(half would be useful).Ground clearence is a small issue.Very happy with my purchase.

  3. leonard gavin Says:

    i would like to be able to get fender flares for my 2011 600 efi cfmoto

  4. kelakar Says:


    […]CFMOTO Offers New Z6 600cc EFI Rec UTV « Dealernews Blog[…]…

  5. wilmare Says:

    hello, im a very proud owner of a new 2011 z6 625 side by side and have went on several trail rides here in arizona just in the past few weeks and have to say the polaris razers have nothing on my z6, i keep up and they cant believe how awesome it is. just love it and am getting ready to put bigger tires on for more clearance ,ive put 760 miles on it and no problem, runs like a true racer.

  6. Marc Says:

    I bought a z6 in butte MT, every ride I’ve taken, its back to the dealer for repairs, CRAP, should have bought a razor wouldn’t have had all the issues. One the windshield brackets fell off, two the winch broke at 800lbs rated for 3k, then the reverse light stuck on and the z6 wouldn’t go past 13mph. Nice Machine my ass

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