Polaris Shares $10 Million With Employees


28 Straight Years of Profit Sharing

How would you like to pick up a tidy check today for say, oh,  $4,500. That’s four thousand five hundred dollars. In addition to your regular paycheck. You could do just that if you were working at Polaris Industries, based in suburban Minneapolis.

While much of the U.S. powersports industry is struggling to recover from last year’s poor performance, Polaris is continuing an annual tradition of sharing profits with its employees.

Today, the company is handing out nearly $10 million of its profits from the 2009 calendar year among approximately 2,200 hourly and non-salaried Polaris employees. On average, each of these employees will receive nearly 15% of their annual pay base.

In addition, Polaris will distribute profit-sharing payments to each of its full time salaried employees today as well.

“Profit-sharing is something that is very important and fundamental to the culture at Polaris,” said Scott Wine, CEO.

Polaris began sharing its profits with employees in 1982 and has shared more than $200 million with its hourly and non-salaried employees since that time.

Polaris had 2009 sales of $1.6 billion and recorded net income for the year of $ 101.0 million .

For more information on Polaris, visit its website www.polarisindustries.com.  JD

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