Officials: Importer Used Fake CARB Certificates


One of Largest U.S. Importers of Chinese Machines Is Charged

Two top executives of one of the largest importers of Chinese and Taiwanese powersports equipment in the U.S. have been charged by California authorities with selling vehicles that did not meet that state’s emission standards, according to the complaint obtained by Dealernews.

Kening N. Ma, president and owner, and Shirley Hyunae Ji, vice president, of Goldenvale, Inc., were charged last week in a 70-count complaint. The complaint, filed in San Bernardino, Calif., Superior Court, charges the two executives and “another person or persons” with selling motor vehicles that had not been certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to consumers and dealers in California.

The complaint charges the executives with multiple felony counts of grand theft of personal property (more than $400), possession of false certificates, and money laundering involving more than $448,000.

The complaint said that Ma had, and used, certificates known to be “false, altered, forged, and counterfeited.”

According to industry estimates, Goldenvale was one of the top two or three importers and retailers of Chinese and Taiwanese powersports equipment during the last several years.

Goldenvale is a diversified importer that operates facilities in Ontario, Calif, and Dallas, Texas. It imports several powersports machines, including ATVs, dirtbikes, scooters and karts. The powersports units were sold online and through a network of dealers under the Roketa brand.

The company also imported many other items, ranging from artwork and blankets, to  toys and cooking utensils.

Specific sales figures are not available from the closely held company, but import data and industry analysts believe that Goldenvale imported nearly 80,000 units in 2008. But that number dropped off sharply to only about 2,000 units last year as the company attempted to deal with a large unsold inventory of machines.

The company had big years in 2006, according to industry estimates, when it retailed nearly 50,000 ATVs, and again in 2008 when it retailed almost 50,000 scooters. Those numbers put Goldenvale in the top three importers/distributors of Chinese/Taiwanese ATVs in 2006 and scooters in 2008.

Last week’s arrests were the result of an investigation that took several years, dating back as far as 2005, according to court records. The investigation was a joint effort of CARB and the San Bernardino’s district attorney’s office.  JD

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6 Responses to “Officials: Importer Used Fake CARB Certificates”

  1. Jeff Hartman Says:

    Well there’s a big surprise. The Chinese doing something illegal to flood the market with their crap. They don’t care about our safety, copyright or health laws. Counterfeit medicine? Lead in children’s toys? Pollute our skies just like theirs? NO PROBLEM! Everybody copies certain things, and Asians seem to thrive at this but unlike the Japanese and to a lesser extent the Koreans, the Chinese have entire industries that exist only to make knock-offs. This is THEFT people, plain and simple. This mentality of disregard for fair commerce exists from the very top leaders to the lowest worker. we can’t blame the Chinese. We didn’t force them to sell their goods here. No, people nowadays care nothing about true quality, just about perceived quality and price. The American auto industry didn’t self destruct, selfish Americans have tried to do it in. Even now after Toyota has shown it’s true colors, people turn a blind eye towards them. Had that been GM… Wake Up America!

  2. Danny Says:

    I honestly feel aside from giving us legit dealers a lot of $ in repairs I feel that they have done nothing to help our industry.
    They have given a lot of people a sour taste in their mouth for any vehicle of Chinese origin!
    They have preyed on the less financially fortunate which I think in it’s self is a crime.
    When you buy something you expect it to work as it was intended but those that I have done repairs for were under the impression they were simply buying less bells and whistles when they paid such a cheap price not a scooter that would constantly break down on them due to design poor assembly and shoddy quality parts.
    IMO they’re stealing from the poorest of poor and providing little if any help since the product is horrible from its design to the metals and plastic they use to build them. In two years I have seen 3 units with spent engines all with under 1000 miles use. All three were left at my shop since they didn’t have the funds to repair them. Bad rings, Bad crank bearings…..Oh I could go on.

  3. PEE JAY Says:







  4. Jesse James Says:

    So, I see dealer news has a peice of the action. Let me start be saying this, I hope these bastards get what they deserve. Now, they have children so I hope its a fine, loss of business etc. After reading everyones comments here is my opinion, you back woods over priced Japanese garbage. You charge soo much half the reason the broke people have to buy elsewhere is becasue of your greed. Thats the real truth behind it. I sell all brands even chinese, it breaks down to knowing what your buying, doing the research you should being that your in business in the first place you would know this. Selling products that you can support. Part of the chinese “bad taste” is because the American public is ignorant to reading directions, the good old theory it should just work, yes that rings true, BUT how can you smoke for 30 years, get cancer and wonder why your dead? Same goes for chinese product maybe its not the Chinese product thats crap but Japan setting the bar too high with OVERPRICED garbage. Who the hell in thier right mind wants to spend a college education to ride somthing once a year? As for Goldenvale / Roketa…. I know exactly what happened to them, they ARE guilty but not of what the inexperienced DA says. The Roketa product they allowed to ship into CA is where they made a mistake. They did not PROPERLY DOCUMENT what product could NOT be sold into CA. This, the min wage forklift drivers shipped 20,000 bikes incorrectly into CA and no what do you do when noone can hardly understand a word your saying… AND when technically your bikes, coming from the same factories as CARB certified bikes but didnt pay the 60,000 for the sticker. You look the other way, why your —DEALERS— break the LAWS. ROKETA was always open to allow you to RETURN the bike etc. BUT, the —DEALERS— (((americans))) wanted to push the rule. Honestly, CALIFORNIA GOVERNMENT is to blame people, THEY are the ones with the ONLY C.A.R.B. rule and expecting the entire USA to deal. They take advantage of new companies trying to start up and expect 60,000 for CARB for a little sticker while the RICH GUY down the street with the same bikes that rolled off the SAME LINE gets richer? That is just wrong. I blame CALIFORNIA for this one. If you want to make a rule about clean air…. Thats fine, do it to the FACTORIES. Make the FACTORY get CARB certified. Another lesson in how great and greedy government can be. Becuase here is the sad part….. THE FACTORIES WERE CARB certified but the CA GOVERNMENT wanted more money so they would not honor the CERT and made individual dist. get the CERT. Sad but true and now look at the mess. Two people may end up behind bars for along time for this “grey rule” .. Money Laundering is B.S. and the MSO, I have stood in the room with the MSO girl. Shes got a system down and does a fine job. I seriously am disgusted.

  5. Goldenvale Executives Admit Fraud « Dealernews Blog Says:

    […] two were arrested in March as reported by Dealernews. The executives of the company based in Ontario, Calif., were charged in a 70-count complaint with […]

  6. Robert Bell Says:

    Here I purchased a 2008 Aprilia SR-50 Ditech with 1748 mi. The scoot came from Minnesota and I just tried to register it in CA. I was informed that if it does not have the proper sticker then no go. It is the exact same model that Is Currently being sold by dealers in CA. It Is The Exact Same Model That Has Passed The Stringent Euro-3 Emissions Requirements for two-strokes (Which I Understand Are Stricter Than C.A.R.B.’s) . . . The Ditech 2-stroke technology is touted as being the cleanest in the world So, what is one to do as I am completely dumbfounded and damn disgruntled? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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