One-To-One Training Offer Is Great Idea


Program Offers Lessons for Motorcycle Dealers

I picked up my new MacBook Pro laptop the other day, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience.

I’ve written before about Apple’s outstanding customer service but one of the best parts is its One-To-One program that offers personal help in setting up your new computer, personal training and assistance in working through your personal projects.

For only 99 bucks I get one year of unlimited one-on-one training with an Apple trainer. So, I can go back to the store as many times as I want to during the next 52 weeks at no charge, in a totally non-threatening environment, with sessions pretty much designed by me.

Applying Computer Marketing To Motorcycle Sales

If you’re starting to think about how you could create a similar program for your dealership— and I hope you are— here are two important points to remember:

  1. There are many important features of the Apple One-To-One program that can be adapted to a motorcycle operation, but the most important one for computer buyers is this: The program allows me to get all of the data located on my old machine to be transferred—without any additional charge— to my new machine. That means applications, data, email, etc. With no muss, no fuss, and no extra money. What a relief. I just drop off the two computers and pick them up the next day, and I’m good to go. Here’s my point: This is a huge selling feature because I would pay $100 just for the data transfer service alone, and with the One-to-One program I get a year’s worth of training basically FREE. It’s a no-brainer decision.
  2. The Apple One-to-One membership program is available only to new Mac owners and can be purchased only at the time you buy your computer. It’s a one-time deal. Again, it’s a no-brainer: I have to decide right now; I need the data transfer; the cost for data transfer is equal to or less than I would have to pay elsewhere; the $99 is a tiny fraction of the total amount I’m spending for hardware and software and other accessories; and I get ONE YEAR’S WORTH OF FREE HELP. Sign me up.

Here are some features of Apple’s One-To-One program and how they might apply to the motorcycle business:

  • Personal setup. I know my computer (bike) is going to work when I start it up the first time.
  • Personal training. One hour, one-on-one training sessions at the Apple store on a wide variety of topics (motorcycle, parts, accessories, apparel, etc.).
  • Personal projects. These three-hour blocks of time allow me, and others in my group, to work on special projects at the Apple store. Anytime we have questions, an Apple trainer is available to help us.
  • Convenience. Whenever I’m ready, I just sign up for an appointment online and then show up at the Apple store at my scheduled time.

So, my question for motorcycle dealers is this: How would you like to have a product that would differentiate your store from others in your market, that would serve as an important reason for buying at the time of purchase, that would give you numerous opportunities to reach out to your customers, and that would give your customers unlimited opportunities to visit your store during the next year and bond with members of your staff?

All at no out-of-pocket cost to you and that gives you cash up front.

If you answered yes to this question, you might consider building a service program similar to Apple’s One-To-One plan for your store. You might be surprised at how much your customer relationships improve and your bottom line increases.

Keep me posted if you build such a program. I would like to know how it works for you.  JD

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