Italian Motorcycle/ATV Show Opens in China


Friday is Kick-Off Day in Beijing, China, for an innovative new international motorcycle and ATV show and conference driven by—hold on here— the Italian motorcycle industry. “EICMA China—The Motorcycle Show,” runs Friday through Sunday, June 13,2010. It’s the first ever show for EICMA outside of Italy. EICMA is best known for putting on the the world’s largest motorcycle show every November in Milano, Italy, when several hundred thousand consumers and trade representatives walk the floors looking at the latest machines and accessories.

The trade fair and conference being held at the National Agricultural Exhibition Centre of Beijing is an alliance of EICMA and two major Chinese partners: the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for Motorcycle (CCCM) and Genertec Advertising& Exhibition Co.Ltd. The goals of the event are to show foreign products to the Chinese market and to bring together representatives of several countries to discuss powersports issues relating to motorcycles and ATVs.

On the motorcycle side, the 6.5 hour China International Motorcycle Industry Summit will focus on emissions and on building the Chinese market for motorcycles. A motorcycle ban was instituted in Beijing in 1985 and expanded has been expanded to more than 170 cities in China. It’s estimated that the ban reduced sales by 4 million units annually.

“The motorcycle ban has become the largest barrier for the development of the Chinese motorcycle industry, which not only is shrinking the domestic market, but also discouraging technological innovation,” write promoters of the conference.

This conference is seen as a key step in opening and building the Chinese domestic motorcycle market to foreign companies.

The U.S. Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) will be represented at the conferences by Tim Buche, MIC president, and Paul Vitrano, head of the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA) and the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA). Representatives of China, Canada, India, Italy and Australia also are scheduled to participate in the conferences. Japan wasn’t included in the preliminary list of participants.

During the two-hour ATV Symposium, participants will discuss world market potential for ATVs, technical issues such as sound and exhaust emissions, and ways that companies can collaborate and network. More than half of the symposium is scheduled to be devoted to regulations including mandatory standards, testing/certification and action plans.

Here are resources from the ATV Symposium.

Several leading Italian OEMs and accessories manufacturers are scheduled to participate in the EICMA-China show, including:

  • DUCATI, which is scheduled to open a store in Beijing this month. It also operates a dealership in Shanghai. It will show its 2010 lineup highlighted by the Multistrada 1200
  • MV Agusta will be showing its F4 super bike.
  • Malaguti will show a number of scooters, ranging from 50cc to 500cc.
  • Oxygen electric vehicles will be on display.
  • Nolan and Caberg helmets will show off a wide variety of helmets for many types of riding.
  • Doyl apparel will be demonstrated as well as a number of anti-theft devices offered by Luma.

When representatives of the Italian motorcycle industry announced last November that they intended to launch a major motorcycle show in  China, this year, it caught the attention of Tim Buche, head of the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), the U.S. association of motorcycle, ATV and scooter manufacturers.

“I suggested that there was good value in the MIC facilitating a dialogue on the evolving market for ATVs and similar products in China while I was at the EICMA show last November,” Buche told me. Constantino Ruggiero, managing director of EICMA, agreed. And so the Americans began playing a significant role in putting together this year’s show in China.

EICMA is the huge annual motorcycle show held in Milano, Italy. EICMA is owned and operated by the Italian trade association of motorcycle and bicycle manufacturers and producers of aftermarket parts and accessories (ANCMA). It was founded in 1920 and has more than 170 members. For more information on ANCMA, click here. Be sure to click on the English language page.

Last year, more than 450,000 visitors from 127 countries packed the six-day show. More than 1,300 brands were spread across 650,000 sq. ft  in Milan’s main convention center. Check here for details on EICMA.

In announcing the agreement last fall with the unit of the China Chamber of Commerce representing motorcycles, an EICMA representative noted the importance of the deal: “The agreement… represents the arrival of the biggest bike show in the world to the biggest bike market in the world: China.” The Chinese market consists of some 26 million units annually, he said.

During negotiations at EICMA last year, Buche pushed the idea that the China show would be a very good opportunity to promote a better understanding of powersports off-road products. That seems like a good idea that could pay dividends for U.S. companies manufacturing off-road products, such as Polaris, which has had an office in Shanghai for two years.

During my recent visits to China, it became apparent that the growing middle class is creating disposable income that it is prepared to spend for off-road recreation, whether it’s hiking or camping or riding. And as China opens up rural regions of the country with its road-building programs, off-road recration seems to be a growing option for more and more people.

“The MIC serves one of the great consumer markets in the world,” says Buche, “and the products we ride come from the U.S. and around the world. The opportunity to stimulate discussion on market dynamics, consumer use, safety and training, vehicle standards, technical issues such as mandatory standards, youth vehicle requirements, and testing and certification should prove valuable to participants.”

The U.S. participation in such an international powersports event can only help it work closer with the new Beijing office being developed by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The MIC isn’t new to EICMA. MIC and its related organizations have been working with the show since 2004.  JD

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    Hi Joe Delmont, thank you very much for the information, appreciate your your efforts 🙂 . No doubt that china is looking for the global domination and making it place in global market, recently it also had started making the electric cars which will be again a huge success as they are planing to make it more efficient. may be they will make electric ATV too………

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  2. House passes bill banning kids from driving off-road vehicles | Health | safety | insurance Says:

    […] Italian Motorcycle/ATV Show Opens in China « Dealernews Blog […]

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    Way to go China. Let’s follow suit and increase subsidies for green cars

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