Allstate Insurance video: disturbing and hypnotic


OK, I’ve seen this video a couple of times now and each time I’m mesmerized. I also find it pretty disturbing to watch, especially when I do the mental gymnastics to picture me or anybody aboard one of those bikes. I get the concept and the message that’s being delivered, but there’s just something about it that’s off-putting. 

Looks like I’m not alone in my thoughts about this. Viewers of Allstate’s YouTube site (clicky here) have left many such similar comments. I’m very interested in knowing what the readers of this blog think about this video. What say you?

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4 Responses to “Allstate Insurance video: disturbing and hypnotic”

  1. James Viola Says:

    I feel the problem is with the goal of the ad. They should want you to buy insurance FROM Allstate. You now are disturbed by the ad and less compelled to buy from Allstate because they disturbed you. I believe it is a disconnect with most motorcyclist.

    If you have been at it long enough you know the dangers from either personal experience or friends. Therefore, we do not need to see it played out. How are you going to help me afterwards. “Am I in good hands” 🙂

  2. heeno Says:

    The fact that this ad is getting attention, speaks for itself. Although the images are disturbing, they are serious and speak to the reality of a motorcycle accident. I have been in a motorcycle accident, and it’s no laughing matter. I’m more likely to turn my attention and my insurance dollars to Allstate rather than a cashier named Flo, a caveman or a little green lizard.

  3. J. Hackman Says:

    The new ad series is horrible. The “key the side of the car” ad will surely spawn a rash of copycat vandalism. Are they nuts…and .we thought Flo was bad.

  4. Jim Glus Says:

    As one who loves this industry and is looking to get back into it let me say that I’m a simple man and will state my comment that way, the add sucks. Having been in a bad accident myself over 35 yrs ago (yes, I still ride), the add sucks and quite honestly I would not even give Allstate the time of day when I need to requote my bike insurance. I wonder if they gave any thought to the thousands of guys or girls out in tv land that are considering and wanting a bike but have yet to convince the better half? Oh yea, this add goes a long way in helping them do that!!

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