Great video/commercial from — can your store top it?


The guys over at just put together this video/commercial and I’ve gotta say it’s pretty fantastic. I don’t see a lot of local marketing programming done by my locals dealers — not their fault, I just DVR most of the TV I watch. While I can’t very well endorse the part where the rider pull off the main road like that to blast through the forest (are those approved trails?) I can certainly say it speaks to something we’ve probably all felt like doing — whether it was over a median, up an embankment to an off-ramp or over the tops of the cars in front of us.

That said, this is pretty well done piece of advertising for the e-commerce site that we wrote about in our print mag back in June. Read it here and here. Enjoy.

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One Response to “Great video/commercial from — can your store top it?”

  1. Gary Halpin Says:

    Nicely done viral piece for sure. Hope it gets some eyeballs on it, which is the key with these viral pieces as media time is so expensive. It would play well on our MotoTV™ network, which is a completely customizable in-store television network for dealers, capitalizing on the televisions they already have in their dealerships.

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