The Trench: Joe Rocket’s latest all-climate offering


Our man Steve Blakeney over at Sullivans Inc., just sent us the latest offering from Joe Rocket and upon first glance, it looks pretty cool (or warm).

The Joe Rocket Trench is a combo bit of kit that features a mesh, armored jacket surrounded by a trench coat-length waterproof outer layer. The inner jacket also sports a removable fleece vest. Oh, and there is a rain pant included that’s stored in a pocket on the outer layer. When combined together, the three pieces look like an all-climate riding solution.

Here’s some of the details from Sullivans:

Trench coat (outer layer) features:

  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Waterproof pockets
  • Reflective stripes and logos
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Built-in straps that ca be used to secure jacket to legs
  • Built-in storage straps for rolling up and affixing jacket to motorcycle
  • Rain pan included and stored in integrated pocket.

Mesh jacket (inner layer) features:

  • Grade A C.E.-rated protectors in shoulders and elbows
  • Removable spine pad with pocket for optional C.E. spine protector
  • Removable warm fleece vest
  • Multi-point SureFit custom adjustment system
  • Internal face shield pocket
  • Snap Loops for attaching jacket to belt
  • Reflective stripes and logos
  • Available in sizes small through 3XL.
  • MSRP is $249.99

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4 Responses to “The Trench: Joe Rocket’s latest all-climate offering”

  1. roderickkabel Says:

    Looks awesome!

  2. Rick Kimball Says:

    How can you ride with a trench coat length? Using straps to affix the jacket to your legs? Sounds sketchy.

  3. Terry York Says:

    Perfect! Taking the wind and chill of the thighs on these mid-winter L.A. freeway 120 mile commutes is something I’ve wished for a long time for. Tried a Levi trench bought at a cycle swap but it flaps. I think Joe Rocket’s onto something here.

  4. Dennis Johnson Says:

    I agree. Can’t wait to give this jacket a spin in real conditions. We’ll let you know.

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