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Jeremy Lusk: FMX Pro, Metal Mulisha Teammate

February 10, 2009
Photo of Jeremy Lusk from Metal Mulisha Web site.

Photo of Jeremy Lusk from Metal Mulisha Web site.

We’re sad to report that Jeremy Lusk, 24, died Monday night from injuries he received during a horrific crash at the X-Knights freestyle competition in Costa Rica.

The Metal Mullisha Web site reports that Lusk was surrounded by his mother and father, wife and other family members, in addition to some of the Mulisha crew, when he succumbed to his injuries. Head on over to the MM site to leave your thoughts and read others from around the world.

A blog set up by a close friend, soliciting prayers for Lusk, has posted that it will announce arrangements when the information is available.

As a father, husband and son, Lusk’s death is painful on a fairly personal level. My deepest thoughts go out to the family of this young man, whom I’ve never met, but feel connected to given our chosen careers and passions. Our professional worlds were a million years apart, but I feel a kinship with anybody with a love for two wheels. Again, to Lusk’s friends and families I want to offer my most sincere condolences.

A fan of Lusk’s has posted a tribute video to him on YouTube.

Pitch in for Jeremy Lusk

February 9, 2009

Most people have already heard or read about FMXer Jeremy Lusk’s horrific accident at the X-Nights contest in Costa Rica over the weekend. Lusk under-rotated while performing a backflip and slammed into the ground head first.

Pic from the Metal Mulisha Web site.

Pic from the Metal Mulisha Web site.

Now through the quick work of the Internet, a couple of Web sites have been set up to give regular updates on Lusk’s condition and to take donations for an emergency fund set up for Lusk.

The latter has been established through the Athlete Recovery Fund. Anybody interested in making a donation to the fund can go to THIS LINK HERE and click on the “make a donation” button. Starting today all donations made through the Web site will go directly to Lusk’s care.

From a release about the site:

Financial arrangements are being put into place to pay for the Medi-Vac international air transportation that Jeremy will need once he is stable and can be transferred to a leading United States-based Head Trauma Center.

A close family friend has also set up a blog which has regular updates on Lusk’s condition. Go to the Pray for Jeremy Lusk blog.

Read more about the incident over at the Metal Mulisha Web site. Click HERE.

And of course, a video of the horrifying crash is already up at YouTube. Warning: it’s a pretty disturbing thing to watch.