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Bringing It To The Web

November 22, 2008

Well, here we are – communicating via blog. Web 2.0. The Future.

I started in the news-gathering industry when we were putting together newspapers on light boards, cutting and pasting articles, ads and photos onto slicks that would be sent late at night, via courier, to the printing house.

Overnight, once printed, the newspapers would be shipped from the printer to distribution points. From there, the papers were delivered every morning to readers expecting to learn about what happened the day prior. It was a system that had worked for a couple of hundred years, and the reading public was content with it.

Things are quite a bit different now, in this time of immediate gratification. Sure we still have newspapers, but readership is quickly dwindling as the public increasingly looks to the Internet to pick-and-choose the news that most interests them.

Connected to print journalism in this renaissance, advertising is headed in the same direction – moving online to capture a targeted audience.

In the powersports industry, the industry you’re interested in (why else would you be here, reading this?) many of the larger companies have been slow to react. Sure, these companies may have banners posted at some of the more popular consumer websites, but very few of them have launched online ad campaigns of any real merit. Certainly the U.S.-based and Japanese OEMs have done very little to forward their online product advertising.

I’m a bit of a YouTube freak. Of course, the magic of YouTube being that I don’t have to watch what I’m not interested in. Instead, I find what interests me via a keyword search. Dakar highlights? Check. Flying laps of the Nuerburgring? Check. Old Steve McQueen interviews? Check. Filtering through traffic in Athens? Check.

But, among my all-time favorite videos to watch are actually advertisements that have come from BMW Motorrad – “Respect” about the K1200R, “Face the Power” about the K1200S, “Unstoppable” about BMW GPS, and “A Trip Through Norway” about the R1200RT: