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CARB — Saving the Golden State (one blender at a time)

October 8, 2009

Over at Dealernews we recently posted a story about the California Air Resources Board’s claim that two San Diego, Calif.-area motorcycle dealers sold off-road motorcycles that were then registered as streetbikes. The result was a $180,000 settlement with the state agency. 

Well, this sparked heated responses from the owner of Motor Forza, Balz Renggli and the owner of GP Motorcycles, Paul Lima, the dealerships targeted by the state. Both say that CARB’s information about the settlement misrepresented the case by saying it had fined the two stores rather than had settled with them. They also say that the agency wrongly accused their stories of wrongdoing. More than anything, the two owners claim, the cases are instances of an arrogant state agency that is accountable to no one and of the bumbling bureaucracy of the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

We try to keep tabs on what CARB is up to given cases like this so we like to prowl through the “Enforcement Actions” section of the regulatory body’s homepage. Just want to make sure our public servants are hard at work protecting the Golden State from all pollutants, foreign and domestic. 

This is when we found the following case from September, and thank goodness we did. God knows how many lives may be saved by these (more…)