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9021 … Oh, High-side

May 21, 2009

Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling’s husband, may be best-known for promoting his wife’s career. But, after adeancrash session at Keith Code’s California Superbike School, McDermott found another cause to shill for.

Here’s a video (copy and paste into your browser):

Motorcycle Operated by Baboons Kills Two

March 31, 2009

And now for something completely different: Tragedy occurred in Liberia on March 25, when two motorcycles, one with two baboons at the steering, collided head-on, killing one operator and a pedestrian, the Liberian Daily Observer reports. The newspaper says the accident in Grand Bassa County worried many, who are becoming increasingly concerned about the frequency of motorcycle tragedies in the county.

Study: Updated Roads Would Help Protect Cyclists

February 25, 2009

A study recently completed in Germany indicates that the estimated 313 million motorcycle and scooter

The city government in Elk River, MN calls this a pothole.

The city government in Elk River, MN calls this a pothole.

riders around the world would be made safer if governments improved the design and condition of roadways.

Following an analysis of fatal accidents on Germanys road network, Professor Juergen Follmann of the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt came to the conclusion that motorcycle safety often is linked to the conditions of the road infrastructure.

I can vouch for that. Here in Minnesota, where roads heave and crack under severe temperatures, motorcycling early in the springtime carries a great amount of risk. If you’re not dodging six-inch-deep potholes or crumbling expansion joints, you’re plowing through tar or slipping on rubberized sealants. Not exactly what you want to be doing while traversing a cloverleaf.

Then there’s the issue of highway barriers, or crash barriers. I have a friend who, while traversing a

Affixing a similar sized steel strip to the bottom of this barrier may reduce injuries and death.

Affixing a similar sized steel strip to the bottom of this barrier may reduce injuries and death.

double apex curve, lost the rear end and slid into the barrier, wedging both he and the bike between the corrugated steel barrier and the roadway. In an instance such as that, both the corrugated steel barrier and the posts supporting the barrier cause greater harm than good to a downed motorcyclist. The solution: affixing two corrugated barriers, one on top of the other.

There has been much written about the relationship between roadway infrastructure and motorcyclist safety. Here are a few of the many links worth perusing about the subject:
European Agenda for Motorcycle Safety

Austrialia Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Pitch in for Jeremy Lusk

February 9, 2009

Most people have already heard or read about FMXer Jeremy Lusk’s horrific accident at the X-Nights contest in Costa Rica over the weekend. Lusk under-rotated while performing a backflip and slammed into the ground head first.

Pic from the Metal Mulisha Web site.

Pic from the Metal Mulisha Web site.

Now through the quick work of the Internet, a couple of Web sites have been set up to give regular updates on Lusk’s condition and to take donations for an emergency fund set up for Lusk.

The latter has been established through the Athlete Recovery Fund. Anybody interested in making a donation to the fund can go to THIS LINK HERE and click on the “make a donation” button. Starting today all donations made through the Web site will go directly to Lusk’s care.

From a release about the site:

Financial arrangements are being put into place to pay for the Medi-Vac international air transportation that Jeremy will need once he is stable and can be transferred to a leading United States-based Head Trauma Center.

A close family friend has also set up a blog which has regular updates on Lusk’s condition. Go to the Pray for Jeremy Lusk blog.

Read more about the incident over at the Metal Mulisha Web site. Click HERE.

And of course, a video of the horrifying crash is already up at YouTube. Warning: it’s a pretty disturbing thing to watch.

NHTSA Highlights Cycle Safety

December 11, 2008

Did you know the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a web page devoted to motorcycle safety?

The NHTSA says its Motorcycle Safety page focuses on comprehensive programs designed to help prevent crashes, the prevention of injury when a crash occurs, and the reduction in the seriousness of injury after a crash.

The federal office says its initiatives are designed to foster promoting motorcycle rider education and licensing; reducing the number of impaired motorcyclists; increasing motorist awareness of motorcycles; and increasing helmet use.

Documents on display include:
– “Legislative Facts 2008: Motorcycle Helmet Use Laws”;
– “Summary of Novelty Helmet Performance Testing”;
– “Uniform Guidelines for State Highway Safety Programs – Motorcycles”;
– “2006 Motorcycle Safety Program Plan”;
– “DOT Secretary Peters Urges Manufacturers to Provide Free or Inexpensive Helmets or Safety Training With Each New Motorcycle Sold”;
– “Model Language for Share the Road with Motorcycles”;
– “Evaluation of the Repeal of the All-Rider Motorcycle Helmet Laws In Florida”;
– “Traffic Safety Facts 2006: Motorcycle”.

The page also features links to Motorcycle Safety Planners, Publications, Resource Guides, Public Service Announcements, Brochures and Studies & Research.

Stupid Hurts

December 10, 2008

The Orlando Sentinel reported today that a 6-year-old was tossed from a motorcycle operated by his father, landed on a van and sustained serious injuries.

Here’s the newspaper’s account:
“The boy, Paul Politan of Cocoa, sustained serious injuries and was taken to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, the FHP said. The motorcycle driver, Paul Politan II, 38, of Cocoa, also was ejected. The elder Politan was in serious condition at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

“Both were wearing helmets, the FHP said. The two were riding north on U.S. Highway 1 on a 2007 Honda motorcycle when the motorcycle hit the rear of a northbound 1996 Dodge van at around 8:20 a.m. near Melaleuca Road, the FHP said. The motorcycle failed to slow down, the report said.”

1) A 6-year-old as passenger
2) A 6-year-old as passenger while traveling on a highway
3) A 6-year-old as passenger while traveling on a highway and the father allegedly fails to slow his bike and collides with the rear of a van

I’m all for freedom of movement and living a life free of government intervention, and I’m sorry the boy is injured, but … really?

Stupid hurts.