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Do the Lambretta Twist

June 9, 2009

OK, I love this ad for so many reasons. Here’s a few. First, who doesn’t like a Lambretta? I mean, much like the Triumph Bonneville, everybody used to have a Lambretta.

Secondly, this is one of those tunes that worms its way inside your brain like a parasite. I know I’ll be playing it over in my head all day. Thirdly (thirdly?), the ’60s motif is truly timeless. It holds up better than any other era’s style. Good god, I still don’t know how the ’80s snuck their way back into fashion. Can’t we let Crockett and Tubbs and sack-like dresses fade into the past?

And finally, this commercial reminds me about something missing from a lot of modern motorcycle/powersports advertising: riding two wheels is fun. I can’t understand a word they’re singing, but I know for damn sure that the product they’re pushing will put a big stupid grin on my face. I dare you to watch this ad and not think, “Damn, riding a Lambretta looks like fun.”

From most current adverts I get the feeling that bikes are:
b) Dark & Broody
c) For Lone Wolves

Me? I think they’re fun.