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Dealer Expo From the Inside Out

February 25, 2009

Because we can’t seem to get enough Robert Pandya around this place here is a video of him cruising Dealer Expo 2009, jawing with various industry movers and shakers about current economic issues. From Pandya:

What we found was an optimistic industry that is adjusting for some changing times. Looks like dealers and companies paying close attention to the marketplace are adapting to the conditions and positioning themselves for success in the future.

And heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee’ssssssssssss Robert:

Blogging Dealer Expo: Stay Tuned!

February 10, 2009

We all at DealernewsBlog are getting ready to head out to Indy for the World and Locallydealer-expo Famous Dealer Expo. If you’re not going to be there, (And why wouldn’t you be there?) but still want to know what’s going on, visit the DealernewsBlog and sites early and often for the latest, greatest and sometimes strangest stuff the powersports world has to offer.

For example did you read the latest info about more than 100 exhibitors changing locations? If not, go here to find out what’s happening.

If you are going to be in Indy, see you there. And each day look outside your hotel room or around the show floor for our latest Dealer Expo Show Dailies. These daily newspapers will come flying off the presses fresh each night with up-to-the-minute (give or take a few) highlights of the show. We’ll be roaming the floor, covering the meetings, getting the scoop, taking pics, scratching out notes and wearing out shoe leather to cover Dealer Expo from the inside out.

We’ll have “newsrooms” in the second floor of the Indiana Convention Center and in the Lucas Oil Stadium where press info and other related materials can be dropped off. If you want to contact any of us editor types, drop a note at the Dealernews booth just outside the main hall in the convention center.

Dealer Expo is Coming — Feedback Please

January 29, 2009

The 2009 Dealernews International Dealer Expo in Indianapolis is just around the corner and we here at DN are gearing up for what is a whizz-bang, muscle-burning, feet-torturing, head-spinning four days of schmoozing,dealer-expo interviewing, info-gathering, eating, drinking, sometimes-sleeping, always-working, coffee-and-Red-Bull-guzzling fun. Dealer Expo takes place Feb. 13-16.

While we’re going to be reporting live for the Web site and for our Show Dailies, we’ll also be blogging the newsy and not-s0-newsy bits and pieces throughout the weekend.

If you’re one of our four regular readers of the DealernewsBlog, I’d be interested in knowing if you’ll be checking in on a regular basis to get the latest and greatest about Dealer Expo.

I’d love to get your comments on this via the comments section of this blog posting or by emailing me at dennis.johnson @ I appreciate any and all feedback (even the smart alecky stuff) that you leave.

New Look for Indy Dealer Expo

December 21, 2008

The 2009 Dealernews International Powersports Dealer Expo in Indianapolis is going to feature an entirely new layout now that the huge Lucas Oil Stadium is up and functional, the Indiana Convention Center has been modified and the RCA Dome has been demolished.

The combination of the new multi-purpose Lucas Oil Stadium, or “The Luke”, and expanded Indiana Convention Center means Indianapolis will be able to offer nearly three quarters of a million square feet of exhibit and meeting space.   The combined new space will make the Indiana Convention Center the nation’s 16th largest. It currently is 32nd.

The revamped Indiana Convention Center is scheduled to offer 566,300 square feet of exhibit space.   Another 183,000 square feet will be in Lucas Oil Stadium, which will be connected to the center via walkway.

Dealer Expo takes place Feb. 13-16.

Check out the Dec. 20 implosion of the RCA Dome: