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Honda, Yuasa Venture Begins Construction

April 22, 2009

Blue Energy Co. Ltd., a new joint venture company between Honda Motor Co. Ltd. and GS Yuasa Corporation, today held a groundbreaking ceremony to launch construction of its plant in Fukuchiyama, Kyoto, Japan.
Blue Energy is a joint venture to specialize in the R&D, manufacturing and sale of lithium-ion batteries for hybrid vehicles, including automobiles and motorcycles.

The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by approximately 100 dignitaries and guests, including Keiji Yamada, the governor of Kyoto prefecture and Masaji Matsuyama, the mayor of Fukuchiyama city, as well as Makoto Yoda, president and CEO of GS Yuasa Corporation, Takeo Fukui, president and CEO of Honda Motor Co. Ltd., and Masahiko Oshitani, president and CEO of Blue Energy Co. Ltd.

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