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Allstate Insurance video: disturbing and hypnotic

June 16, 2010

OK, I’ve seen this video a couple of times now and each time I’m mesmerized. I also find it pretty disturbing to watch, especially when I do the mental gymnastics to picture me or anybody aboard one of those bikes. I get the concept and the message that’s being delivered, but there’s just something about it that’s off-putting. 

Looks like I’m not alone in my thoughts about this. Viewers of Allstate’s YouTube site (clicky here) have left many such similar comments. I’m very interested in knowing what the readers of this blog think about this video. What say you?

Motorcyclists as Insignificant Windshield Splatters — A Great PSA (and a Poll)

September 21, 2009

I’ve seen more than a few motorcycle safety PSAs (public service announcements) from around the world and I’ve got to say they pack a far more visceral punch than anything I’ve seen stateside. Are Americans too squeamish to see the reality of inattentive driving? I wouldn’t think so judging by the content of much pop culture over the years. (Hostel or Saw anybody?).

Still, I’m wondering if and when we’ll start seeing motorcycle safety messages that aim to shock the driving public into paying attention like this one does.

Brittany Morrow’s new Rock The Gear Video

September 16, 2009

Many of you may be familiar with Brittany Morrow and her harrowing tale of surviving a fall at speed off the back of a GSX R750. Surviving being a relative term given the two months she spent in the hospital and the skin grafts she received on more than 50 percent of her body. But she did survive — in a big way. 

Since that incident, Morrow has appeared in the pages of our 2007 Gear supplement and has emerged as a spokeswoman for the phrase ATGATT (all the gear, all the time). If you’ve ever had a customer dismiss the need to wear protective gear, get a hold of one of the posters we featured in that issue of Gear and explain the consequences of going without. I’m probably not the only one to repeat this cliche, but it’s one I tell people when they ask me why I’m all armored up on a hot day — I’d rather sweat than bleed. I didn’t need to see the pictures of Brittany post-surgery, but when I did they confirmed my strong stance on this subject.

Well, Morrow is the driving force behind Rock the Gear, an organization dedicated to educating every rider about making smart choices when deciding what to wear. Her latest contribution is a video featuring sportbike freestyle professionals tearing it up on their bikes and talking about the importance of wearing protective gear. It’s worth a watch and the Rock the Gear website is worth a look.

XDL US Stuntriding Championship Series – Rock the Gear . org from Brittany Morrow on Vimeo.

Get This Bike and Help Andrew Trevitt

March 4, 2009
One of the many, many items up for grabs in a fund-raising auction benefitting moto-journo Andrew Trevitt.

One of the many, many items up for grabs in a fund-raising auction benefitting moto-journo Andrew Trevitt.

OK. When I first heard about what happened to Sport Rider editor Andrew Trevitt I had a very familiar “there but for the grace of god …” moments. It’s one I have anytime I read a report about a rider going down as the result of a bike/car accident, something that happens with alarming frequency unfortunately. It’s a bald, scary fact that the things that separate me (and you) from eternity (or else) are a driver’s attention span or my riding skills. This is something I keep in the forefront of my thoughts anytime I hit the road on two or four wheels. My heart goes out to Andrew and his family.

Andrew survived his accident but not without some horrific injuries. And as a tribute to his character and a testament to the close-knit nature of the motorcycle industry, Kawasaki has put together a huge auction in Daytona to raise money for him. There is also an eBay auction. Andrew’s currently undergoing extensive rehabilitation and has already run a marathon of medical procedures. Check out the details of the auction over at, including information on this custom V-twin and other items up for grab. There is also a link to the blog Andrew is keeping during his recuperation.

God speed Andrew.