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Ride Green? Why Not? The environmental case for Motorcycles

October 30, 2009

There was a lot of good information that came out of the recent Motorcycle Industry Council SymposiumMIC_left (Inroads to the Future) and believe it or not we plan to get that stuff up over at So, until we carve out a chunk of time to write up some stories on what Paul Leinberger had to say and on the new Revive Your Ride program backed by the MIC Aftermarket Committe, we’ll do some quick and dirty here on the blog.

The MIC/DTM’s Ty van Hooydonk gave a brief presentation on the green angle (the Environment!) of motorcycling. Much has been said about this, especially during last year’s felonious sadistic high gas prices. Maybe too much as there have also been studies showing that motorcycles produce far more pollutants than cars. But Ty’s message was an attempt to move beyond the emissions argument for more of a total approach. Rather than parse what he said and try to re-explain it, Ty was kind enough to pass along his presentation that we’ll present in its entirety. Thanks, Ty.

The MIC is working to refine our green message for motorcycling, with some help from Sierra Research, which is one of the leading research and consulting firms in the field of air pollution control, and with Tom Austin (more…)