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Harley-Davidson Iron 883 Review

May 29, 2009


For me, one of the absolute wonders of riding a motorcycle has always been that minute you crest a hill and start to let gravity influence your ride. Where it’s less of you piloting the bike and more of you just riding it. While I love uphill cornering and sections of twisties — with all the physics they represent as I roll off, brake, lean and accelerate in that sublime danceable rhythm — it’s that moment, when you’re no longer pushing it that grabs me and lets me fly.

Photos courtesy of Harley-Davidson

Photos courtesy of Harley-Davidson

As a kid I used to trek up to the higher points of the South Bay area of Los Angeles on my Strand cruiser and then make that bomb run downhill. Free flying. Wind swooping. Sensory overload. The pull of flat land bringing you down to its level. It’s the pure sensation of motion, where movement and rolling forward is the only thing.

While riding pretty much anything with two wheels and a motor is a good time, some motorcycles are just more fun, the kind of fun that hints back to (more…)

H-D Iron 883 First Peek — On the Road to Review

April 20, 2009
Note the grainy, thumb-in-picture, cellphone-quality that makes this pic look like a sneaky spy shot.

Note the grainy, thumb-in-photo, camera-phone quality that makes this look like a sneaky spy pic.

Picked up the Harley-Davidson Iron 883 today over at the H-D fleet center. Man, I love that place and today I had the pleasure of talking with Todd Canavan, one of the Super Tech Gurus who helps run the fleet. Canavan’s explanation and overview of the Iron 883 was amazingly thorough and for this I say Thanks Todd. Good stuff. He even brushed through the magic that is the Harley self-canceling turn signal system that was apparently designed by NASA or space aliens.

Still settling into the bike and its extremely low — it is slammed — riding position. But once the cramp in my thigh went away, I was reminded why I (more…)