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Corazzo’s E-mail Newsletter — Great Stuff

September 28, 2009

I get a couple of e-mail newsletters and one of the best comes from Corazzo, the company that designs and

corazzomanufacturers riding gear aimed at the scootering crowds. I’ve been a big fan of Corazzo since seeing them at Dealer Expo a few years back. As a longtime scooter nut I was stoked to see that founder and president Bradford Duval the GLARING dearth of products that would appeal to the scooter niche — a very niche-y niche at that.


For some reason known only to them, some scooter riders feel perfectly OK riding around in shorts and T-shirts and sometimes flip-flops. Being a Safety Geek, I always want to let them know that the lowside they might take in some gravel sure ain’t gonna feel too good on bare legs/arms/etc. But I’m not an obnoxious Safety Geek so I just shake my (more…)